How I’m Losing More Than Just Weight

I can’t lie…the last few years have been SUCH a struggle….and for some reason or another I have associated my weight with those struggles.

How I'm Losing More Than Just Weight - Each number on the scale has a specific memory associated with it. By passing each one, I feel I'm losing the weight of the bad memories and getting closer to  thriving instead of surviving.


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7 Gluten Free St. Patrick’s Day Treats

7 Gluten Free St. Patrick's Day Treats - These yummy gluten free recipes are sure to make this holiday full of gold!

Going completely gluten free has been an on-again/off-again struggle for me over the last 3 years. My head KNOWS it’s the best thing, but my willpower breaks down when it comes to holiday treats. I got to thinking, “I bet other people have the same issues” so I went digging around on my favorite resource,… 

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Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party - Fun food ideas for a kids birthday a free printable for the food labels

WOW…life has really run away with me! Last weekend we had 5 school Valentine’s Day parties and a birthday party at our house….I barely survived! Connor turned 7 and since he’s still REALLY into Star Wars, we had a Star Wars birthday party. I think I spent so much time worrying about the food that… 

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Drinkmarx – Your Link to Your Drink {Giveaway}

Drinkmarx - Drink ID

Last month I was contacted by a nice lady named Christine Holland. She told me she had a cool product that helps kids keep track of their drinks (a MAJOR problem in our house) and would I want to review it. Since I have three kids in school…I jumped at the chance.

Meal Plan Monday #44

Meal Plan Monday| Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Welcome to Week 44 of Meal Plan Monday! After all that work…I’ve totally fallen off the wagon. I’ve given myself until next week until I’m going STRICT again…gotta get through Valentine’s Day and a kid birthday party this weekend first! Don’t forget, if you need a meal planner, My friend Carrie from has a… 

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Free Printable Star Wars Valentine’s

Star Wars Valentine's Day Bag Toppers

It’s that time of year again…when you have to make Valentine’s boxes and cards and try to be cute and creative X 3 for all the kids! My boys are still really, really, really into Star Wars…so I got to thinking – I bet I can find some cute graphics to make their class cards.

Valentine’s Day Printable Pack

Valentine's Day Printable Pack from

As my way of saying Happy Valentine’s Day, I created this fun little activity pack for you and your Preschooler/Kindergartner!

Meal Plan Monday #43

Meal Plan Monday| Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Welcome to Week 43 of Meal Plan Monday! While planning this week’s menu I stumbled across a site that had soooo many yummy looking recipes that I decided to choose all of this week’s dinners from it! I hope you enjoy Gimme Some Oven (click on any recipe below to check out her site) as… 

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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Candy Molds

Valentine's Day Chocolate Candy Molds - These are so easy to make and SOOO good!

For some reason I am in the midst of an overwhelming urge to bake (I think it’s all the dieting…lol). I’ve done the Wilton Cake decorating classes (and loved them) and I’ve done a cookie decorating class…and loved it even more. I have 2 out of 3 kids with birthdays coming up PLUS Valentine’s Day… 

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7 Home Remedies for Cedar Fever Symptoms

7 Home Remedies for Cedar Fever Symptoms | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

If you’ve ever been to Central Texas, or know anyone who lives here, chances are you’ve heard of Cedar Fever. It’s not a real fever, but an allergic reaction to the pollen of the mountain cedar tree (aka juniper ashei). Go here for a pretty funny take on it. The author claims it makes you… 

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Parenting Strategies: 5 Universal Laws of Raising Grateful Kids

5 Universal Laws of Raising Grateful Kids

One of the most important things that we can do as parents is to teach our children to be grateful… for the little things. for their family. for their health. for their freedom of choice. In a society where more is better, sometimes more is just more. We need to show our children that gratitude… 

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