Orange Smoothie Recipe {+ Giveaway}

Smoothies are packed with so many awesome vitamins and minerals that they should really be a staple in everyone’s diet daily.

BUT…getting my kids to drink a smoothie is like asking them to drink gasoline – not gonna happen.

I’ve decided that maybe I’m trying to stuff too many of those vitamins and minerals into the smoothies at the beginning…maybe the trick is to get them to get used to the texture and then start sneaking healthy things in.

This week we started with an orange smoothie.

Orange Smoothie Recipe | Play 2 Learn with Sarah


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My Franklin Planner – My Life Organizer

Organize Your Life - Getting Started with a Planner | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

There’s a LOT going on in my life. And you’d think that since the kids are in school now that I’d have a LOT more time to myself…but that just isn’t happening. I’m using all the time to get all the stuff done that’s been piling up over the last 7 years…and it’s exhausting. I… 

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Meal Plan Monday #26

Meal Plan Monday| Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Welcome to Week 26 of Meal Plan Monday! We’re starting to get in the groove of school. And it seemed that having a full week of school somehow made things seem not so rushed. I guess now that I’m getting some time to myself in the mornings…that helps too! Feels good to be back into… 

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Kidecals Waterproof Labels Coupon Code

Kidecals Waterproof Labels Coupon Code | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

With 3 kids in school, managing lunch and dishes and snacks and water bottles and back packs has gotten CRAZY! Every thing they take to school has to be labeled. I’ve tried just using permanent marker, but it keeps coming off the water bottles and lunch boxes. Plus half the stuff the boys have picked… 

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Just Between Friends N Austin Consignment Sale – Sept. 18 – 20

Fall 14 Get in Free coupon JBF N Austin

Don’t miss the upcoming Just Between Friend’s – Children’s and Maternity Consignment Sales Event that is being held at the Pflugerville Lion’s Club next week!  This shopping event only happens twice a year so be prepared to stock up on everything you need for your growing family. At this event, shoppers get to shop thousands… 

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Free Printable Grocery List

Free Printable Grocery List : Play 2 Learn with Sarah

I’m working hard to make some fun, yet useful, printables. (I’m working on getting all my systems in place and then I’ll share my entire planner!) I spend lots of time working on my meal plans each week, but then I just shove everything onto a list and typically end up forgetting something. I created… 

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Fun Halloween Tshirt

Halloween Tshirt: Cutest in the Patch

This summer my friend Tina came to visit. She’s always sending me adorable tshirts for my kids (check out the Lego Ninjago ones or the Olaf ones and you’ll see). I talked to her about how, exactly, she does it and being me I thought, “I can do that!” because I always think in my… 

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Meal Plan Monday #25

Meal Plan Monday| Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Welcome to Week 25 of Meal Plan Monday! We survived our first week with all kids in school! We did eat dinner in the car once or twice (since we have to run to Kung Fu two nights), but all in all I think I did well with cooking dinner at lunch time and then… 

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Fry List Flashcards

Free Printable: Fry List Flashcards #1-100 | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Last year when Connor was in Kindergarten, they incorporated a program into the day where the kids had to review the Fry List of words each day. (Fry’s word lists are the most commonly used words in the English language. So theoretically, if they can read these words, they can read most anything.) Connor just… 

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Review: Case Logic Tablet Case {+Giveaway}

Protect Your Tablet with the Case Logic Tablet Case | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Last week Connor started school at a local charter school. These schools are smaller and have more control over their day to day lives than large districts, but they give up some of the funding for this privilege. Because of this, the kids in grades 5-12 are allowed to bring iPads/tablets/devices to school to help… 

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For the Love of Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts Vests | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

You know how kids are…they LOVE a show and want to watch it 1 million times and then they’re done and move on. We have been stuck on Wild Kratts (on PBS) since the beginning of June…almost 3 months. Our DVR has like 3% memory left because we have so many episodes. They’ve watched all… 

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