Five in a Row Activities List Free Printable

A few years ago I struggled with finding the right pre-school for Connor, so I decided to homeschool him.

One of the first things I bought was a curriculum called Five in a Row. The premise of this is that you read the same book, typically a classic, every day for five days and do different activities with it.

I LOVED this and so did the kids…although I will admit with some of the books it did get a little old re-reading the same book day after day, but it allowed us to really examine different aspects of the book so it turned out ok.

Five in a Row Activities List


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Coupons Week of October 26, 2014

If you have little ones…make sure you find the Pampers coupon for $1.50 off. The big deal this week is the Big G cereals (we’re excited about the Cheerios at our house) are on sale at Target for $1.99. Clip the coupon that is $1 off of three boxes and that’s 3 boxes of cereal… 

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My Top 5 Best Parenting Books

Top 5 Best Parenting Books | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

I admit…I’m a self help book junkie. If I wonder about something…I Google it. And then I usually head to Amazon or the book store to find out more about it. I rarely read books any more, but instead I listen to them. I can go through 2-4 books each month this way. I’ve been… 

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Happy 1st Gotcha Day!

Maddi's 1st Gotcha Day

Free Printable Habit Tracker {+ Giveaway}

Free Printable Habit Tracker | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

This article was written as part of the Blog Forward 2014 Challenge Program by ZonePerfect. This year I’ve been taking part of a challenge to live a more consciously nutritious life. It’s a constant struggle for me. I have a serious sweet tooth and get loads of sugar cravings each day. This year I discovered… 

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Meal Plan Monday #30

Meal Plan Monday| Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Welcome to Week 30 of Meal Plan Monday! We’ve got another busy week ahead of us with family coming in town too! And since it’s starting to get chillier, I thought it was the perfect time to put in a yummy soup! Don’t forget, if you need a meal planner, My friend Carrie from has… 

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Couponing at CVS – Week 1

Couponing at CVS - Week 1 | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

I am bound and determined to figure out couponing. This skill has eluded me for years, but now that we are paying for 3 kids to go to school…I NEED to learn this skill! Last week I did a post of my top 5 favorite (currently) Couponing 101 sites. This week I decided that I’d… 

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Letting My Crazy Show

Letting My Crazy Show | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

I have worked with kids full time since 1994 – that’s the last 20 years. I have raised two biological boys who are now 5 and 6. This little girl (and the fact that I’ve entered menopause at the same time) have driven me to THE BRINK in the last year. Last week though –… 

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Meal Plan Monday #29

Meal Plan Monday| Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Welcome to Week 29 of Meal Plan Monday! Last week’s meal plan was all using the Target Cartwheel app…you gotta try it! I was able to save $18 today on my shopping trip for this meal plan (and everything else we needed)! This meal plan is pretty bland this week since I need to really… 

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Amazon Mom 30% Off Sale Through Oct. 13

Amazon Mom Event Through Oct 13

Are you a member of Amazon Mom? If not, stop what you’re doing and go register….especially if you have a little one in diapers. I use this service to have diapers and wipes delivered to my door! Amazon Mom Description of the program from Amazon: Amazon Mom members receive benefits such as 30 days of… 

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Couponing 101: The 5 BEST Sites to Get You Started

Couponing 101- The 5 BEST Sites to Get You Started | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

I suck at coupons. I have no idea what my problem is, but I just fail at all aspects of couponing. I can clip them, but then leave them at home. Or I bring them to the store…only to find out they’ve already expired or I need to buy 12 of the item to get… 

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