Language Experience Stories

Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Language Experience Stories are a teaching strategy that I have used across all of my careers…teacher of the Deaf/HH, Primary teacher, teacher coach and mom to preschoolers. They allow a group to collectively create a story, involve listening, speaking, writing and reading skills all at the same time and develop language, grammar and vocabulary.  But… 

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Intention vs Perception


I’ve had a sneaking suspicion since I started this blog that people don’t really understand what I’m trying to do with it.  I haven’t made my thoughts about the blog absolutely clear and therefore people have assumed the worst….that I’m just using this as another platform to sell games. Of course, my SimplyFun business is… 

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My Seizure Dog

While I was looking at today to see what was new in the world of books, I came across this little book. The Author, Evan Moss, is a 7 year old little boy who suffers from seizures. He has them in his sleep and must be constantly monitored so he sleeps in bed with… 

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