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Dinosaur Lunch Notes & Lunch Ideas

Dinosaur Lunch Notes

My kids are REALLY into dinosaurs these days! We went to the Dinosaur Park the other day and even got interviewed by the local online news (I’ll let you know if I they post it!).

So I thought that since it’s the first week of school here in TX that I’d do a theme for their first week of school lunches.

I created a fun printable of lunch notes to go with the dino lunches with 6 different dinosaur jokes on them. Just click on the image at the top (or click here) to print them out.

Triceratops Lunch

Here’s our Triceratops Lunch! The Dinosaur Park has a store and I found this cool Triceratops sandwich cutter while we were there.

This one is for Evan. It’s one slice of bread, one slice of cheese and one slice of turkey with some dinosaur trees (broccoli) thrown in for the dinos to eat.

Longneck Lunch

For this Longneck Lunch I used a dinosaur sandwich cutter with some dried cherries for eyes. Connor likes peanut butter and honey (from local Pflugerville honey bees).

I found the three compartment lunch containers here.

Dave just made a comment that he won’t be able to make the kids lunches when I’m in China, but these were just sandwich cutters so they’re pretty easy!

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