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Kid Craft: New Year Banner

I publicly said that I would do a craft with my kids each week…and the very first week snuck up on me! LOL

BUT I was able to pull it out and make something that my kids think is kind of cute!

new year banner

Practicing scissor skills

Happy New Year Banner
Supplies Needed:

  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • marker
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • tape

First I cut a triangle out of cardboard to use as a template. Then we traced 12 triangles on different colored construction paper. Then I had Connor cut out the triangles (most of them anyway).  Next I told him what letters to write on each triangle. Then we punched a hole in each corner of all the triangles and weaved the yarn through them. Finally I taped up the banner and there we have it! A New Year’s Banner!

kid craft

Our self made New Year banner

I’m pretty proud of this project on a few levels, but the teacher in me knows that I was able to hit the mother load of  fine motor skills with this activity: tracing, cutting, lacing!

Post a link to your pictures if you try it!

Happy New Year!


    • says

      Thanks! I thought it was a good idea…not sure they like it as much as I do! lol Next time I’ll just use my Silhouette and make it the way I want!

  1. Linda Twohig says

    Good job and so cute. Imagination and creativity is begining of all problem solving. Just look at Franklin, Einstien, and Di Vinci.

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