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Saturday Laughs

3D Movie & Popcorn

3D Movie & Popcorn

It’s time to link up again with Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturday Laughs.

This week the laugh is on ME.

On Monday a friend invited us to go to the movies with her and her two boys for her oldest’s birthday.

The boys and I LOVE movie popcorn so we jump at any chance to eat it, esp if it’s with some of our favorite playmates….that was at 11:30am.

That night, I went to yoga class at 7:30pm (notice the times in this story).

We do our first down dog…and a piece of popcorn falls out of my bra.

I know you’re first question…did I eat it? I was desperate to cover up the crime, but not that desperate.

You’re next question…did I put it back in my bra to hide it? Nope, I was was in a corner at the front and the lights were luckily low so I was safe to hide it in my shoe.

But I did look kind of funny laughing, alone, in a yoga class.

Glad it was just a class at the gym and not at some yoga studio with serious yogis.

So, wanna go to yoga class with me tomorrow?



  1. says

    LOL, I always tell my husband “Next time, I’m wearing a non-cleavage shirt!” as I’m the world’s messiest popcorn eater. Then when next time comes around, I forget..same problem, every time! :)

  2. says

    loved your story- that has happened to me but with some food that I wish I had not opted to put in my mouth- I was thinking cookie but it was beef-gross! you made me laugh though! following you from for sat hop!

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