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Saturday Top 5 Laughs – Blog Hop

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A Blog Hop is when different blogs write on the same topic and then link up so that the readers can jump from blog to blog reading the topics.

I found a Blog Hop today over at The Mommyhood Chronicles called a Saturday Top 5 Laughs…and since there’s always something funny going on around here, I thought I’d join in!

Last week I posted some of the funny Facebook posts I’d written over the past month, so I thought I’d add a few into today’s post too! (You’ll be able to tell that most of the funny comes from my 4 yr old! That kid is always up to something!)

Top 5 Laughs…in no particular order:

1. Connor, my almost 5 yr old, turned to me and asked “What’s a “horse” house?” At least I think he said “horse.”

2. One of the cousins decided that it would be a good idea to send my almost 5 yr old a LASSO for Christmas. He has wrangled all the dogs and his little brother in the last week.

3. On Christmas Eve, Connor walked up to me, grabbed my necklace and said, “You might want to take this off.” I said, “Why?” He said, “In case you get a new one tomorrow.”

4. Connor decided that he’s a farmer. So he assigned each dog to be a different farm animal (the Min. Schnauzer is a pig, the large black Lab is a horse and the Beagle was lucky enough to remain a dog.) He made signs and taped them to different rooms and locked the dogs in (only after lasso-ing them and wrangling them in there).

5. My kids got so many Legos for Christmas that my husband had to sit at the table for 12 straight hours two days in a row assembling them while the kids shouted directions and told him to hurry.

I hope you got a little chuckle from my adventures with boys in the last week. Be sure to visit the other blogs linked up to the Blog Hop at The Mommyhood Chronicles.

boy lassos dog

4 yr old with lasso and sword…I’m sorry dogs

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for joining us! It is such a fun post to do!!! Connor sounds so cute- what’s a horse house-lol! #3 is so funny- so did you get a new necklace?They are just too cute!! Love your laughs! Hope to see you link up next week! Happy new Year!

    • says

      Thanks! I really like this one! It’s fun to see what other moms in the trenches are dealing with and laugh about it! Happy New Year!

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